Safety, Health and Environment management policy

Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company has placed safety management and professional health on the basis of OHSAS18001-2007 standard and environment management base on ISO14001:2004 in order to protect human resources and provide a safe and healthful work atmosphere in its scope of activity and considers itself committed to observe the following points:

1. Prioritize safety, health and environment management in all activities of the company.

2. Compliance of activities with laws, regulations, standards and other requirements of the Safety, Health and Environment.

3. Management of risk factors by identifying, assessing, eliminating or controlling them to prevent and damages and diseases in order to improve safety factor in operating, staff and contract activities.

4. Promoting culture of safety, health and environmental protection by creating new attitudes, continuous training and improving workplace conditions.

5. Making preparations to confront and react in emergency situations by increasing staff education and performing periodical maneuvers.

Company management has commitment to place, perform and continuous improvement of this system and insists on the necessity of participation and responsibility of staff in its efficient enforcement.

Power point file with the subject of industrial safety compiled by me is placed in this part with some changes appropriate for the company. This file includes 81 slides and herein, its electronic version is represented.

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