Engineering unit of Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company pursues following goals:

* Engineering of cold coatings for pipe and vessel

- Consultations on the selection of appropriate materials for heating and cooling insulation

- Consultations regarding the optimal use of heating and cooling insulation

- Consulting and performing research projects in the field of heating and cooling insulation

- Consultations on reducing the adverse effects of the use of heating and cooling  insulation materials

- Calculating and proposing polyisocyanurate and polyurethane in types of spraying, injecting and prefabricated in different densities.

- Calculating and proposing foam glass in prefabricated form on basis of ASTM C522 standard

- Calculation and selection of expanded perlite.

- Designing units for performing fully automatic two-component, tape and enamel coatings for installation in project place.

- Design, construct, install and running units of inner and outer coating of various three layer polyethylene, fusion epoxy powder (FBE) and 100% solid solvent-free polyurethane.

- For all of the above mentioned items adjusting technical characteristics, operating instructions, quality workbook and inspection is possible.

* Engineering of cold tapes

Establishment of fully automatic construction workshops and implementing cold tapes and bitumen enamels in place of oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants and under establishment power plants according to safety rules of Oil and Power ministry. 

- Selection of cold tapes for different applications based on EN 12068 standard in different mechanical and heat classes.

* Corrosion analysis

* Very special coatings for particular condition

- Choosing various special epoxy hybrid to protect internal surfaces of Amin absorption reactors in oil and gas refineries and other products that are highly corrosive Based on Saudi Armaco, BS, ANSI, EN and NACE standards.

* Engineering of two-component coatings

- Choosing various liquid two-component 100% solid solvent-free in the form of polyurethane, polyuria, epoxy for protection of metal and concrete surfaces from corrosion based on ANSI, EN, NACE, ASTM,… standards.