Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company is honored to perform engineering services as following:

A- Liquid two-component solvent-free polyurethane coatings for pipes of transferring drinking water. Cooperation in project of transferring drinking water from Azad dam to Ghorve Dehgolan Dasht. In this project polyurethane product of England’s Spencer coating with commercial name of Acothane Spray Grade for protecting inner and outer surfaces of pipe with 2000mm diameter and urgent water transfer plan pipe with 1000 mm diameter was used. The first phase of the project was implemented successfully and in the year of 1394 was inaugurated by Mr. president Dr. Rouhani. Polyurethane coating implementation was for the first time in Iran.

B- Polyurethane liquid two-component solvent-free for pipes of transferring oil products from 1392 up to now. Acothane Spray Grade was used in five coating rebuilding projects of Pipe and Telecommunications Company for rebuilding steel pipes coatings of 10 to 22 inch diameter. This company expects to announce that up to now 4 high quality projects in Mashhad, Qom and Garmsar have finished and Damghan’s project has passed 60% progress. Using polyurethane product for rebuilding coating in Telecommunication pipe Company has been accomplished by the proposed Acothane product.

C- Polyurethane liquid two-component coating for transferring salty water: the first point of transferring salty water from ceiling of Getond dam with Acothane polyurethane products has accomplished. This pipe is performed for coating of inner surface of improving Iran’s water and power resources and in collaboration with Sadid Company of pipe and equipment.

D- Collaboration in editing national standards with national standard organization: helping for editing paint and coating standards for improving level of current standards including epoxy coating standard for surfaces inside the drinking water transfer, epoxy coating standard for reducing friction in surfaces inside the gas pipes, fusion powder epoxy standard for inside and outside surfaces of steel pipes, painting standard of metallic surfaces in marine situations

E- Collaboration with pipe and coating producer’s guild for Institutionalizing friction reducing coating inside the gas transfer pipes in gas industry