Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company is honored to perform construction services as following:

1- Establishment of a fully automatic liquid coating for two-component solvent-free products, one and two layer fusion epoxy powder (FBE) and three layer polyethylene for inside and outside of steel pipes along with operating them

2- Construction of coating workshops in project place for various enamel, tape and liquid solvent-free products like polyurethane, polyuria and epoxy for outer surfaces of pipe in every diameters

3- Establishment of production unit of layer type cold tapes and Co-Extrade on basis of polyethylene and Dve

4- Offering complete line of executing polyurethane coatings using spray ring in the form of 360 for projects of rebuilding oil and gas pipe coatings with various polyurethane products like Acothane

5- Construction of in situ plastering workshops for various bitumen products, liquid solvent-free like polyurethane, polyuria and epoxy and Plastering cement sand on internal surface of the pipe from 1.1/2 inch

6- Executing coating of transfer systems foams with fusion epoxy powder (FBE) in pipe installation place according to ISO21809-3 standard and heat shrink films in pipe installation place