Goal of Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company commercial unit is to provide material and equipment for internal industries as below:


Providing inorganic perlite stone.

Providing prefabricated cellular glass coating according to ASTM c 522

Cellular glass (Foam glass): cellular glass is a completely impermeable material and is used for coatings of pipelines and petrochemical, gas and industrial processes equipment. It can be used in a wide temperature range including condensation equipment. This material is also suitable for coating of reservoir pillars due to high resistance against compression.

It is a rigid thermal coating material that is formed from expanded glass with closed cell structure (National Standard 80 84 clause 3-4).

This kind of coating is made in planar and tubular and other types. Its temperature range is between -40 to 482℃. It has low heat conductivity in low temperatures and its abrasion resistance is low and it is resistant to corrosion and has a high sound absorption ability.

Providing polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams and polyurethane (PU)

Providing various two-layer cold tapes in kinds of butyl rubber and bitumen

Providing advanced composites to permanently remove leakage and reinforcing surfaces

Analysis of corroded structures with and advanced software to present an efficient proposal for using composites. In this method composites with tapes are used to remove the leakage and reinforcing surfaces with 80% corrosion and operational pressure up to 120 atmosphere and 95℃. ASTM B31-G is the considered standard (Kevlar).

Providing special solvent free two-component hybrid epoxy 100% solid

Choosing various special epoxy hybrid to protect internal surfaces of Amin absorption reactors in oil and gas refineries and other products that are highly corrosive. Based on Saudi Armaco standard.

Providing two-component solvent free polyurethane 100% solid with commercial name of Acothane, product of England’s Spencer Coating Company.