Commercial unit of Tose’e Pushesh Sazandegan Noavar Company is one of the main suppliers of material and equipment needed for pipeline and vessel coating industry and so far, has supplied material and equipment for the following companies.

1- Sadid pipe and equipment company

2- Roller and pipe company of Safa

3- Construction headquarters of Khatam-ol-Anbia, Ghorb Karbala, Arvandan institute

4- Mobin petrochemical plant

5- Mehr petrochemical plant

6- Pars petrochemical plant

7- Zagros petrochemical plant

8- Arya Sasol petrochemical plant

9- Pardis petrochemical plant

10- Pipeline and Telecommunications company

11- National Iranian Gas Company- Iranian Gas Engineering and development Company

12- National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company- Shazand Refinery plant

13- Parsian Gas Refinery plant

14- National oil company- Iranian Offshore oil company

15- National oil company- National Iranian South Oil Company

16- National oil company- Iranian Central Oil Fields Company

17- Tehran oil refining company

18- Kermanshah petrochemical plant

19- Khatam-ol-Anbia institute

20- Kaveh Petrochemical plant